Fast & Affordable Waste Management Services across Canada

Live Voice Call Centre

There are a number of advantages to using the services of Canadian Waster Management, including a fully centralized call centre that provides live voice answering with no voice mail or auto-answer services. We offer service throughout North America and offer customized billing to fit your requirements, which means no more confusing multi-invoice formats. We perform waste audits as required, meeting ministry guidelines. We are fully insured, with minimum $5,000,000 liability, plus haulers liability minimum $2,000,000 (CWM requirements).

Flexible Hours

We perform significant background checks on all haulers and their directors. Our employees are courteous and service-oriented and believe that communication is key. We offer flexible 24/7 hours to meet the needs of all time zones, as well as a representative dedicated solely to sourcing out specific local recycling markets.

Temporary & Ongoing Services

Canadian Waste Management Inc. offers temporary services for construction and special needs projects, as well as full and complete waste management systems, including all special wastes. We are experienced and highly proficient, providing value-added services such as specialized equipment and consulting services. Our prices are firm and guaranteed; you never have to worry about incremental or excessive price increases.

Some of the services available from Canadian Waste Management Inc. include:

  • Disposal
  • Recycling
  • Metal Recovery
  • Site Remediation
  • Soil Removal
  • Disaster & Fire Recovery
  • Environmentally Friendly Recycling
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